My adventures involve people (a few, haha), places, (fewer than the people I met), and experiences that each encounter gives. 

I am not a jet setter or a frequent flyer. I simply want to travel. Unfortunately, I need the ten years of my life to re-assess and enjoy the days that I am with my kids. We tried to travel from Manila to Albay. With tots, in tow, it was just not that fun. I waited 10 years to regroup myself, and back to traveling as I was 20 years ago. 

Aside from that, I consider mishaps, my mood swings (and the consequences), and everyday life as adventures.

These are some of the adventures that we had. Hoping each story will give inspiration to your heart. 

 The Irony of Reality is about the very challenging teaching online today.

 My Story of Getting Approved on Google AdSense  I met someone in a blogging community that wrote about AdSense approval. I reached out and asked if he got approved. He said that it was still in process. I asked for free templates anyway and he gave me a link. A month after I edited my site, I applied back and got approved after two weeks. I went back to him and asked him if he was approved. “Still in process,”he said. I told him of what I did and what were the differences between the old theme and the new one. Along the conversation, he told me what to write about. Oh, come on. I would not dare tell someone of how to run their show. It is theirs to take. Oh well, I think some people think they know more. Though, I observed that great people don’t tell you directly what to do. They will make you realize what you need to do. They trust your skills.

Luxury Escapes is about vacation deals all over the world. Which you should check out. :) 

Must Haves for Teaching Online and for online learners is about the gadget and tools we will be needing come August 20, 2020.

Metro Market Philippines is a story about buying frozen and fresh produce online, which you should also must see. :) 

Real Estate Investment is about a property that is for sale. A good friend needs to liquidate their assets thus selling their prime property.

Machine Shop in the Digital Age is about Ser Ave Enterprises embracing digital age.

Adventure Race: Eco-Challenge and UJAR is about the not so distant past of adventure racing. When we say adventure racing back then, it was like triathlon with a lot of obstacles.

Choosing to Live is my story, before and during the lockdown which is also meant to support the World Health Organization to stay at home. :) 

Where to Stay in Tablas Island is my story of three resorts in the island of Tablas where you can stay comfortably within a budget.

Caramoan Island Hoping our story of the short island trip :)  

Why We Should Travel is about my excuse to spending money though we can barely meet our ends (haha)

Facilities Up Close differentiating facilities and amenities.

Whatever life throws at you that seems challenging, think that it is just an ordinary day at the office. It is the way life tells you that you have to be grateful for every little thing that you have. It is the fate that asks you to see how great your life is. Yeah, good or bad it is still the best journey ever. We need to remind ourselves that we wouldn't want to be in another person's shoes. In the darkest hours, we will see the best in us. 

Things might have changed a lot, but with the help of technology, we can all see places. So here's to our next adventures. (Digital) Cheers!