Everyone has a business and story to share.

How to start a business is as simple as one plus one, especially if you have the fund, but sticking with the business is another thing. 

I started writing about these wonderful entrepreneurs. I started with ma’am Ruby. She is the owner of Info Age Travel and Tours. During this challenging time, their industry is the most hit but she is thriving by offering language translation services. Her advice for budding entrepreneurs, save and prepare for rainy days.

I then wrote about our first mentor, Sir PJ Lanot. He is the owner of Hillside Cafe in Mother Ignacia, Quezon City. He is a fascinating and lively speaker. I was surprised that I never yawned during his seminar. Should you need an inspirational speaker about business, life, and all, I say he is the man.

You will love Ma'am Olive’s Papaping's Baked Boneless Bangus and be fascinated by how they started the business. Venge of Healthy Nuts, Leaven Trading has an inspiring story that you should read. The Real Happy Cow of Ma’am Lakapati has a great solution to this pandemic. The Allganic Store is an entrepreneur with a big heart. Wen of ChefNurse has an interesting story and food to share as well.

Chef D's Cakes and Pastries was the last mentee that I wrote about for the past three months. She said that go for your goals as you are still young. 

I added Ate Myra, a successful freelance from Marilao, and a good friend of mine. Read her story on How to be a Successful Freelance.

My articles are short. They are a small portion of each one’s story that we want to share with you. Find inspiration and lessons as you do a quick read about them.

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Thanks so much for dropping by and Godspeed. I hope you'll enjoy each short article and see your story next.