How To Start a Blog

Here are the easy steps in starting a blog: 
1. Choose your niche. 
2. Choose your title. 
3. Choose which platform you want for your blog. 
4. Write your article(s). 
5. Promote your site. 

Now, here's my story. 

When you Google how to start a blog, those five are the basics. Between those words are the following procedures. 

Choosing your niche decides which topic your writing will excel. That topic that you have a lot to give and share. That idea bursts in your mind. Those plain and simple words can make interesting sentences for your reader. Write about what you want. Once you define your niche, you will be able to know your target readers. 

Choose your title based on your niche, but make it reflect who you are. An example may be "Cooking with Ofleia" if you want to write about cooking. To optimize further, we can add "desserts" or "Baking Cakes and Pastries with Ofleia". 

On deciding which platform to host your domain, you can opt to WordPress, Wix, or Bluehost for self-hosting. There are more out there. Feel free to explore other platforms. Whichever platform you decide upon, neither of them is free. You will stumble upon a lot of themes, plug-ins, and other must-have for blogging. Challenges will not pass you by when building your site too. Now, if you want a free version? Some have one, but with so many limitations and the chance of ranking on search is too low. 

Blogspot is a different thing. You can connect your purchased domain for free, but the site development is very challenging. Whichever you pick, select it with your heart and mind. 

Write articles. One of the factors to be approved in Google Adsense is the number of articles and words written. A good article consists of 300 to 500 words. If you are looking forward to being approved in Adsense, make it 500 an article. Photos or videos are relevant too. Don't forget about the white space as well. Always preview your site and see to it that it is mobile-friendly. 

Promotion is just as important as any part of blogging. You can promote on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It is the key to a successful blog aside from search engine optimization, which is variable. Aside from social media platforms, you can also promote on Quora by answering a question. You can do slide share for infographics. There are a thousand and one ideas to promote a site. Promotion takes a lot of hard work, but if done properly will yield success.

In a nutshell, do what you want because it is your blog. Your investment. These are just guides and some practices of what we did that may help you in your journey to be a blogger. You may even be surprised by what you may discover. There will always be bumps along the way, but you will appreciate that tiny success when you surpass them. 

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