How Much Does a Smart TV Cost?

Smart televisions can be used on online learning.

All the while, I thought that I am prepared for the online learning mandated by Philippine law. I have a wired internet connection, 3 smartphones, a 10-year-old desktop, and a seven-year-old tablet.

My eldest had their online orientation last week that lasted for three hours. He used the tablet. It is a first-generation iPad air. The three-hour online orientation used up more than half of the tablet's battery life.

I thought it won't be useful if he will be using it for more than a Zoom meeting. A small smartphone is hard to use should the tablet gives in. How would he type comfortably? How he can maximize his learning with a seven-inch monitor? A lot of hows.

A friend posted an online school orientation using her smart tv. I knew it was television because it was mounted on the wall and it was at least 32 inches wide. I did not think of that although I am aware that I can browse the internet using smart tv.

This morning, we tried to connect to the school's website on smart tv. I was relieved that we were able to land on the page and browse the site. What was great is that I was able to connect a mouse and a keyboard. Haha. Imagine learning on a 32-inch tv. Problem solved, I guess. For camera and audio use, we will use his mobile phone, which is I think is still in good shape. We already bought a headset on his 13th birthday which has a double purpose. We'll see about it.

How much does a smart tv cost?

A high-end brand like Samsung costs around 20,499 pesos. The good product comes with a price. Compare prices here:

Devant which is also a good brand costs around 12,546 pesos. You can also compare prices here.

A 40" TCL Android Smart TV costs 15,300 pesos while a 43" TCL full high definition Smart TV is 15,299 pesos. Cheaper and will give you an additional screen. See the prices here:

I also saw Hisense. 15,600 for a 43-inch television.

There are a lot more brands to choose from. You can do your online shop through Lazada or other online selling platforms.

There are just some important factors to consider though. On top of the list is, of course, how much are we willing to spend on it? Then the size, and the brand. I would say that your gut will never fail you.

Happy shopping everyone and good luck on our journey to online learning.

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