Webcam Prices

What are the gadgets and tools for online learning?

All the while, I thought that I am prepared for the online learning mandated by Philippine law. I have a wired internet connection, 3 smartphones, a 5-year-old desktop, and a seven-year-old tablet.

When my eldest had their online orientation last week of July, that lasted for three hours, he used the tablet. It is a first-generation iPad air. The three-hour online orientation used up more than half of the tablet's battery life.

I thought it won't be useful if he will be using it for more than a Zoom meeting. A small smartphone is hard to use should the tablet gives in. How would he type comfortably? How he can maximize his learning with a seven-inch monitor? A lot of hows.

Came their first day of school. As the days progress, he used the desktop and his mobile phone at the same time, logged on both gadgets. I hear him say that the desktop does not have a webcam, and the sound card is not working. After a week of hearing those words, I decided to send the desktop to a technician and bought a webcam. 

We are all set, or so I thought, again. 

It was a relief that the classes set by the Department of Education are moved to a later date. I have approximately seven weeks to prepare another set of gadgets and tools for my youngest, as he will start his online learning in October. As I prefer a desktop over a laptop, my list starts with webcams. 
  • Buy a webcam if you will be using a desktop. The technician said that I need to buy a branded webcam. It is to make sure that it will work on all applications needed for online learning. I picked two brands that are in the mid-range price.
                            Logitech Webcam compares prices here:

                            A4Tech Webcam compare prices here:

                           Other brands of webcam that is priced below 500 pesos

There are a lot more brands to choose from. I would suggest that we go for a trusted brand for durability.

There are some important factors to consider though. On top of the list is, of course, how much are we willing to spend on it? Then the size, and the brand. I would say that your gut will never fail you.

Happy shopping everyone and good luck on our journey to online learning.