The Irony of Reality

As we all move to online learning, I want to extend my skills to my sister who will be teaching freshmen this August.

One of her subjects to teach is the Macro Perspective of Tourism and Hospitality. For someone who loves to travel, I find it challenging and interesting. I dig in. Here's the first video draft of what I did for her. 

Doing the e-learning course for one subject is exciting, but at the same time, arduous. They say that the Department of Education is ready. I also heard that public school teachers never stopped training online for the past four months. The irony of this reality is we are never ready for something we don't accept. As Shakespeare says "All things are ready if our mind is so."

What I did here was a simple video that might interest my sissy's class. One video that took me an hour or two to create, yet it ain't perfect. This is for her first week as mentioned from her syllabus. It is a 55 seconds video. After this video, I need to upload it to the learning management system where learners will be able to access it. It should be available offline or online. This is a tiny part of the whole module making process. I need to plot the next lesson and make appealing graphics again for the next lesson. Aside from that, I must construct an assessment to see what the learners learned.

I did the video on a free mode thus the watermark. I'm not ready yet to purchase any software for doing video as I want to maximize what I can do with free versions.

Doing this and looking at my storyboard made me feel how blessed the students will be. These are dedicated teachers who take the extra mile to teach.

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