Ribbon Mixer

Korbb Designs partners with Ser Ave Enterprises that fabricates paint mixers, sand mills, basket mills, ribbon mixers, mixing tub, and other machines used in the paint and ink industry.

Do you have a ton of powder to mix? We recommend our ribbon mixer with raw material extruded. Your staff doesn’t need to carry the raw material on top of the machine. You can all add them to the ground. Materials will then be sent to the top mixer.

Do you need an agitator? We also offer high-speed mixers. We have tote mixers, drill mixers, drum mixers, counterweight lift, and hydraulic lift.

Do you need grinding and dispersing machines? We can customize a basket mill for you. We also have a sand mill and twin-barrel sand mill.

We also fabricate pressurized and nonpressurized liquid vessel. It can range from 200 liters to 2500 for moveable tanks. Large tanks can be done of more than 20000 liters.

The shop started as a small machine shop in 1980. The operation in the field of fabrication started 10 years after. A loyal customer asked my father to repair a mixer. Satisfied with the result, the client then asked him to fabricate the same machine too to their existing inventory. As they say, the rest is history.

Their existing clients range from ink manufacturers to paint and coating production. Most of them are located in Cavite and Laguna, few are in Metro Manila. The materials that we use are from Crown Mill Supply and Lucky Bearing.

Are you in the paint and ink industry that uses these machines? Are you in the soap business that needs a mixing machine? Do you need other machines to be fabricated? Don't hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to be your partner in business.  Contact Korbb Designs for your machine fabrication needs.

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