My Story of AdSense

After a lot of trial and error, I finally got approved by Google to run adds on my site.

I started blogging in December last year because of a scholarship offered by I joined the program Social Media and Blogging Entrepreneurship. It is the closest thing that I can push myself to write. Thinking that the first module was hard, I guess it is natural as I have no idea about the second module. The second module came as we passed the first one.

This second one needs us to plan and execute a blogging project. We need to contact and involve ten bloggers to take part in it. As instructed, I post invites to the bloggers' group. I sent direct messages to individual bloggers too. I got a lot of replies, but when they knew that I am up for exchange deals only, most of them backed out. I only got two good souls. Pinay Wanderer and Little Misadvencha. I paid one for her article and promotion, while the other made me a guest blogger. Then I have my classmates on the program that wrote about me. I got a total of five bloggers. I need five more. I scanned my 490 friends on Facebook and found out that three of them are bloggers.

My three friends were Hannah of The Allganic Store, Carl of Carlo Valenzona, and Cris of Triathlon, Philippines.

I saw Google Adsense on the Blogger Interface. There was no mention of it in the program, so I ignored it. Until Cris mention it when I reach out to him to link my site, he showed me digits of how much he earns. I moved to reach that goal as well.

From then on, I edited my articles, changed one theme to another. I was not lucky, though. Then, I came across a blogger who wrote about how to get approved in AdSense. I also stumbled upon another blogger that introduced me to Templateify for free templates. I made a better version of my site.

I added all the policies and legalities of a website by using a generator online. (Disclaimer, Copyright, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions) I chose a better theme. I went through my articles and make sure that they are around 500 words. I sticked to my stories as niche. Though I know how broad it is, I love my stories. I resubmitted to Google Adsense for the nth time and prayed. At this point, I am done trying hard to get that Congratulations notice. I expected nothing.

Three days ago, I was so happy receiving an email from Adsense that I finally got approved. 

That excitement did not last long as I realize that I need to have a daily unique view of at least a thousand. Haha. Oh well, the most challenging part is yet to come.

What I learned about this journey is that it is okay to get hurt. You have to shake it off though. It is fine to feel depression but we need to choose to move on. I have all the resources and I can do things. All these will pass, one way or another. We need to let go and move forward going up.

Feel free to message me if you need assistance for your site. Thanks! 


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