Basket Mill

Basket mill is a multi-purpose dispersion system. It is widely used in a lot of manufacturing industries that need grinding and mixing in one machine.

Korbb Designs partners with Ser Ave Enterprises to meet the production requirements that use Basket Mills. It is made to ensure materials will pass through the density circulation area in the milling vessel. The design is more efficient to grind and disperse the materials to meet the required chemical output. All processes of chemical products such as mixing, dispersing, compounding, and diluting, are achieved in one unit. It needs a small space to have a bigger result.

Ofleia handles the online marketing department of Ser Ave Enterprises. She publishes the shop to social media and maintains its Google My Business site.

Ser Ave Enterprises started the fabrication of mixers, mills, tanks since the 1990s. The machine shop is located in Valenzuela City along M.H. Del Pilar St. in Malanday. With the countless need for basket mills, they have mastered the system of the machine.

Basket Mills are well used on the production and development of paint, ink, dyes, coating, and other chemicals. Chemicals that need to go through the process of dispersing and grinding. Materials move across the milling chamber created by a vortex force. The basic materials then are release through a centrifugal force. The process continues as it achieves the fineness of the finished product. The chamber has impellers to deliver uniform circulation of raw materials. The unit also comes with a moveable tank with a jacket. The double-wall manages the temperature of the product. The hydraulic system is used to lift the head for cleaning and change of tank.

Every machine and equipment that Ser Ave Enterprises fabricates is all custom made. They see to it that they meet what the client wants and needs. Feel free to message KORBB DESIGNS for a price quote. This post is written by Ofleia for  Korbb Designs.

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