The Real Happy Cow

A vegan story.

With limited choices on vegan foods, The Real Happy Cow thrives. Providing great dishes for people that transition to a plant-based diet. A vegan food company that delivers. 

Lakapati and I were both participants of an entrepreneurship program. She owns The Real Happy Cow with her husband. In April 2020, I reached out and asked her for their story. 

I asked her four questions: 
1. How and when did you start your business? 
2. How are you coping with the current situation?
3. If you are the one in the position to solve this, how are you gonna do it? 
4. What advice for budding entrepreneurs does she has?

Here are her answers:

The Real Happy Cow started as a passion project in late 2015. I had a full-time job in a BPO company and teaching plant-based food preparation for several years. I did not plan to turn this into a full-fledged business, however, there is a need for high quality and healthier food that is ready-to-eat by busy working people, those who cannot cook to save their lives, and mothers who want better choices for their children. In 2017, my husband and I decided to turn this passion project into a full-time business so I quit my corporate career to focus on The Real Happy Cow.

Since we transact online primarily for retail sales and distribute our products through specialty grocers, there wasn't a lot of change since the quarantine. We shortened our work week from 6 to 5 days, employees who have high-risk households (with seniors, babies) were allowed to stay home if they want to without affecting their jobs. We made a choice to give them salary advance and early release of their prorated 13th-month pay to make sure our employees have cash at any eventuality. We understand these may not be viable options for other companies but we felt this is the right thing to do and we have the capacity to do it. We are very grateful we are still in business since what we are offering is 100% plant-based food which most of us should be eating more of to increase our immunity. Covid-19 is traced back to animal consumption. Generally, people do not want to introduce more of it to the current circulation.

There is no one way to solve this pandemic but we all can do something to help. Stopping animal consumption alone can do a world of good because nearly all of the most dangerous viruses which caused epidemics and pandemics crossed the human-animal barrier because of eating and using animals. Even WHO and UN recommend this and is backed up by data and peer-reviewed studies.

Don't get into business solely because of money. Get into it because there is a problem you want to fix. This with hard work and dedication will ensure your success.

We can not deny the power of plant-based food for healthy living. Are you up to it? Check their Facebook page, The Real Happy Cow for menu, and deliveries.

Let's connect on Twitter and share photos on Instagram. Contact me on Facebook to know more about my stories. Godspeed.

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