The Allganic Store by Hannah

"Allganic is a mashup of all-natural and organic." 

Hannah used to sit on the other side of the cafe. One day she opted to sit next to me. I made a conversation and became friends from then on. She was a lovely gal loved by everyone.

Hannah mentioned that she planted herbs on their rooftop garden in one of our meetings. I approached her and asked for a citronella plant to buy. I have been looking for the plant for ages. The following week, she brought a plastic bag with a plant on a plastic pot. I went home with the plastic bag on a rainy afternoon, full cash in my pocket. She gave me the plant without a penny to spare.  She is one of the wonderful entrepreneurs I met, so I have to know her story. 

She started her business in 2016. She sells potted herbs that she propagated and milk from Laguna. After a year she opened a brick and mortar. She adds more locally sourced natural products to their shelves. 

At the onset of the situation, they closed their stores for a week,. They wanted to temporarily suspend all operations until conditions get better. Regular clients kept on asking for the possibility of deliveries. Eventually, they decided to continue serving their customers. They also thought of helping other grocery stores meet demand in Metro Manila. Through deliveries, they opened their doors and helped others. With limited manpower, they are doing their best to maximize their resources. Keeping up with the back office duties is a challenge, but they are doing their best to serve as many as they can daily. 

For budding entrepreneurs out there, this is what she has to say. "Keep learning and get as much advice as you can from experts. Be ready to adapt to anything and anyone. Stay humble, and most importantly, consult God all your dealings." 

You can contact them through their Facebook page, The Allganic Store. They recently opened their online store, You can see all their available products for delivery. The site is easy to navigate. They have keto-friendly products. They are also in Shopee. Check them out. Their physical store is located in Pioneer Center in Pasig.

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