Successful Freelance

What does it take to be a success in the freelance industry?

You need to identify and set your goals then be determined to achieve them. Shake off the rejections because there will be a lot. If you want to give up, remember why you started, as our trainer said. You also need reliable hardware like personal Desktop and Laptops, headset, and stable wired internet connection.

A friend of mine reaches her goals and thrives.

Ate Myra is the one in the middle

I met Ate Myra in the 2018 Virtual Assistance (VA) Training by Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training of the Department of Communication and Technology in Marilao, Bulacan. 

We were 21 participants. Each module is bumpy but we pulled off. Ate Myra and I bonded over our final task of the 21-day marketing campaign. After the training, she learned about the diverse websites for online jobs. She failed to land a gig on any platform but did not give up. 

Ate Myra stumbled on a blog about a chance to work with Media Track. She was hired and did a week of training at a site in Ortigas. She is a part-time news plotter since November of 2018 with a fixed schedule. After a year with Media Track, she looked for another job with an easy program. She wants a post that she can alter the day off and work schedule anytime she wants. 

She found 51Talk, an exact fit. 

She earns at least 12k a month for both works. The highest amount that she earned was around 21 thousand in a month. She said that one can earn much more with more work hours. 

Ate Myra is a mother of four. Before we met, she was a full-time housewife of a seaman. She is successful in her own way. She always wanted a flexible term and is happy with what she is doing as a freelance. Flexibility balances her work and family life. 

"Most employer wants three years of VA or call center experience. But you can find a job if you really want one. You can start in small beginnings," she said. "Don't give up, just be patient," she added. Believe in the power of will. You'll see. 

As for me, I have been into freelancing business, since I had my own family, untied to any company but earning from one project at a time. Virtual assistance training enhanced my skills. I gained confidence in all transactions that I have. After the training, I was not successful in landing a foreign client. I am just as skilled as others. It is just that deep inside, I am not for it. 

As for you, you need to know what you really want and go for it. Take the plunge and never look back. Keep on learning, even small stuff. Take everything as an opportunity to be a better version of yourself. You need to be reminded that you are bigger than the challenges that you are facing. 

Ate Myra and I, with five other graduates of the program, keep in touch every now and then. When we meet, we share our failures and success on this journey of freelancing. We even share the experience of not getting paid by a client. 

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