Reward Pay Affiliate Marketing

Marketing entails promotion, introducing products to readers, joining them in their awareness journey. It is a good way to monetize your blog.

An advanced platform offered by Reward Pay, get you paid through every sale. They have four categories. You can sign up for personal, business, loyalty, and influencer account. Each has its pros and cons.

A personal and business account will earn you cashback, discounts, and coupons. Loyalty and Influencer account lets you share offers on different platforms. Interested?

Sign up with this link, Reward Pay. Confirm your e-mail address. Log-in to your account. Start your promotion. Begin earning.

Signed up as an influencer? You can promote products, brands, offers, and banners.

How to get a custom link?
1. Go to your main page. You will then see promote with a dropdown.

2. Tap on the Promote a Product

3. Choose create a deeplink to redirect to a particular product.

4. I picked Adidas and had my product URL ready from the brand's site. Submit.

It will then prompt you to this screen as to where to place your link.

6. Your code is generated. Copy to clipboard. I suggest customizing the link first so you'll have a better name rather than random letters and numbers. I used bitly.

7. Paste your new link to a blog or FB post. 

8. Test your link. Tag a friend and share.

Here's a video for creating a deeplink.

Affiliate marketing entails determination, ability to withstand the struggle to be successful.

I used desktop and mobile phones in my photos to see if the platform works another way as I am most of the time on the go. It works either way that you can share wherever you are as long as you have internet access. Sign up today to start sharing and earning tomorrow. Godspeed.