Papaping's Baked Boneless Bangus

Baked Boneless Bangus of Papa Ping’s is a must-try. 

They deliver. You may check their website for a complete menu. Amid the situation, they stayed strong. In June 1, they opened their stores. I had my baked boneless bangus delivered.

I met Ma'am Olive, the entrepreneur behind the brand, during the 10 days KMME Program. She was simple yet sophisticated. We had one chat about what we do in the shop, and that was it. But I was curious about her, so I checked her profile and probe.

According to her, Papa Ping is a loving husband and a creative chef who cooks delicious dishes for every occasion. On Saturdays, he plays basketball at their son's school. He would have a game with the father of their son's friend and other alumni. Ping cooked a boneless Bangus once and let them taste it. They liked it and started requests for him to cook Baked Boneless Bangus for their special occasions. 

In 2017, they opened a take-out outlet in Mandaluyong City. Through the years, Papaping's Baked Boneless Bangus built its own culinary identity as a unique, tasty, and healthy fish food. Along the way, they added Sauteed Bagoong and Bulalugaw. 

”It’s superb! Their lugaw is cook with love, Hindi tinipid sa sahog at quality,” a customer said. 

With the extension of the Enhanced Community Quarantine, they did not let their spirits down, by asking the Holy Spirit for guidance. Staying positive is essential to them, focusing on planning for business improvement with some online learning about operations. They keep in touch with their relatives and friends through chats. They even share their Bolalugaw and their best seller, Baked Boneless Bangus to the frontliners. Hoping and praying that all will be okay for the coming weeks.

I asked her how to solve the problem we are all facing. ”The best solution to this is to follow the government and health experts to STAY AT HOME to protect ourselves and help prevent spreading the virus," she said. Adding, "from Papaping and the family, we sincerely hope you enjoy our recipe. Thanks for allowing us to be part of your food journey." 

Her advice for budding entrepreneurs, here's what she said, "Always have a positive mindset to be able to attain your goal as a successful entrepreneur. Just enjoy the entrepreneurial journey with the guidance of the almighty God." 

The red box is exactly what they delivered. The presentation of the professional food store is there. The texture of the meat is perfect. The taste is just right for the pallette. Their recipe is great for an alternative home-cooked and comfort food. Grab one today through their Facebook page.

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