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I am the daughter of the owners of Ser Ave Enterprises. I grew up going in and out of the machine shop. In early 2000, I started using Alibaba platform where they still offer free posting of products. When they started asking for membership fees to continue with them, I redirected my attention to other digital advertisements and platforms.

I embraced digital marketing since then. I tapped all possible online platforms. I put the company on Google My Business and administers the Facebook page of the machine shop. 

I further enhanced my skills to cope with the rapidly changing world of the world wide web. I am lucky to have my husband and father handle the production so I can focus on marketing. I was able to obtain at least four successful conversions for the past seven years. These are regular clients that place their orders every now and then. 

Ser Ave Enterprises is a fabrication shop in Valenzuela City that manufactures the equipment and machines.

Mills are dispersers and grinders altogether. It involves beads to grind the pigment and other chemicals to produce the fine accent of the chemical. Then it mixes fine particles to other chemicals and eventually spread into one machine. 

Agitators and high-speed dispersers are widely used in different types of mixing. It can be powder and liquid, or liquid and liquid mixing. 

Sand Mill

Ser Ave Enterprises also fabricates ribbon mixer to mix powder chemicals. This type of mixer is also used for noodle-making machines. 

We use stainless steel and malleable steel for moveable tanks ranges from 200 liters to 2500 liters. Pressurized and non-pressurized liquid vessels can be custom made too. 

Mixing Tub

Filter and filling machines for the paint and ink industry are available as well. These are made with high filtering efficiency and well-sealed chambers. 


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Ser Ave Enterprises is my parents' bread and butter for almost four decades. My father never finished high school but he always wanted to be a mechanical engineer. His love for the machines shows incredibly on his works.

The shop started as a small machine shop in 1980. The operation in the field of fabrication started 10 years after. A loyal customer asked my father to repair a mixer. Satisfied with the result, the client then asked him to fabricate the same machine in addition to their existing inventory. As they say, the rest is history.

I took mechanical engineering. Growing up inside the machine shop, unknowingly, inspired me to take the course. After college and some industry-based work, I still end up assisting my parents in operating the machine shop.

In 2013, I started its online presence. I build Ser Ave Enterprises on Google Business and its Facebook page. I also did some errands and comply with some government requirements. I also did some client meetings.

For every 10 inquiries, sometimes, one client would purchase. We lost some clients but earned one as well. It was never easy. There are challenges too, but every time we overcome it, we always come out great. There was a year that we hardly survive. Then, followed by a year full of blessings.

Running a business involves hard work and dedication. They say that you need to solve the problem. I say it is more than that. 

Let's connect on Twitter and share photos on Instagram. Contact me on Facebook to know more about my stories. Godspeed.

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