Kapatid Mentor Me Entrepreneurship Program

Sir PJ Lanot, is one of the best speakers, hosts, and mentors there is. 

10 great mentors, 20 entrepreneurs, 8 DTI personnel, and a two Hillside Cafe Staff, to add up to my wonderful 2019. 

It started when I attended a free seminar in Valenzuela City hosted by the Department of Trade and Industry. At the end of the session, a beautiful lady came in front. "We are looking for KMME participants," she said. She then explained the program detailed as she can be. As far as I can remember, she mentioned that it is equivalent to a Master's in Business Administration.

My schedule is flexible as I am not required to report every day in the shop, so I decided to sign up and applied. After a month, I received a call while traveling to Romblon. There will be an interview about the application. It was when I first met Ms. Dahl and Ms. Olive. I was early because I was excited to embark on something new. After that day, I did not expect much.

On June 24, 2019, I received an email of acceptance to the KMME Program-North. Then on July 10, I arrived at the venue, greeted by a man wearing a white shirt, at which I thought was a restaurant's crew, setting up a tarpaulin stand. He greeted me, good morning. I was hesitant but smiled and said good morning too. The program started at 9. Turns out, the man on the white shirt is our mentor of the day, Sir PJ Lanot. He is an actor, entrepreneur, and speaker. He does hosting too.

Of his three works, I love the latter. The room was full of laughter, yet a lot of lessons learned. One of his significant lectures is that "if it is written, it will never be forgotten." His topic is about Entrepreneurial Mind Setting and Values Formation. Going through the slides may be boring, but he delivered a fun, entertaining, and lively seminar. Everyone who encountered this guy will agree that he is one of the best speakers there is.

Sir PJ runs the Hillside Cafe and Juice Bar, which is the venue for the 10 modules of the program. On his page, PJ Lanot on Facebook, he posts his engagements and other activities. One striking post that he had is about TRUE STORIES, very inspiring. Check the link to read about it.

I went home with a high spirit, inspired, and looking forward to the next module.

Go Negosyo Women 2020 Entrepreneurship Summit on March 3, 2020, was a conference that we were invited as part of the KMME program. It was an event for remarkable entrepreneurs to share their knowledge to all.

I arrived two hours early at the venue to save time from traffic and commute. I shared the ride with my brother, who works in Pasay City.

The program started at 9 am with a welcome speech from Go Negosyo Founder and Presidential Adviser to Entrepreneurship, Joey Concepcion.

There were six topics, namely Women of Impact, Legacy, Substance and Style, Earth, World, and Women of the Future. Prominent businesswomen were present to share their thoughts. Some of these marks my notepad. Here are the words.

Have a big vision. A Woman of Impact said that we must have a vision for ourselves beyond what we think. It should be global.

What I love about the Women of Legacy is when a speaker said that "before you are a mother and a wife, you are a woman."

While a Woman of Substance and Style said that we should invest in real estate, another one said that we have to set our goal for three years. She explained that three years gives us ample time to reorganize if we are going nowhere in a year and a half.

Feeding people is a business, according to a Woman of Earth. If a person lives for 60 years, then you have a business for 60 years, she said. Her most intriguing words are "it's not about being inspired, but you need to take action."

Yeah, she has a point there.

A doctor speaker for the Woman of the World tells the audience to wake up every day and say to themselves that they can do it and that everything is possible.

Comes the Women of the Future. "As an entrepreneur, don't be afraid of failure," she said. "You have to persevere. It is a journey that is exciting," she added.

While waiting for two hours, I asked myself why I attended this event. I (of course) answered myself, "Let's find out." I was glad that I patiently waited.

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