Healthy Nuts by Leaven Trading

Starting a small business takes a lot of hard work. 

Find out how her Healthy Nuts and Mushroom products thrive her. 

I was sitting in front of my computer blank but with Imagine Dragons on my ears. I can't seem to find the words to write about Healthy Nuts by Leaven. Deep down, I want to tell the world how good her products are. So I ask her story.

Venge grew up seeing her parents' plant and harvest peanuts with other crisp crops. In her 4th grade. She survived to have peanut as her snack, the only food that she can buy.

In 2010, she had open-heart surgery. As a token of appreciation, they cooked their own nuts and gave it to the doctors and nurses. They received positive feedback from the nurses that took care of her during the surgery and recovery.

She also brings peanut as a pasalubong for her physical therapist during her cardiac rehabilitation. Hospital staff started their ordering. And as they say, the rest is history, registering the Healthy Nuts in 2014.

She was one of the earliest participants during the KMME Program. One of the favorite mentees to asked by mentors because she always sits in front. She was smart yet demure. In the middle of the program, she brought in another product, mushrooms. Intrigue as I was, I asked, "why mushroom?"

She then told me that there were mushrooms from their backyard in Laguna that they harvested and cooked in all possible ways. Interested in it, she studied mushroom farming and got certified by the Burea of Plant and Industry in 2016. She teamed up with her classmates from the training, to form Paddy Straw Mushroom Farm. She told me that she acknowledges Jules, her husband, Leomar, Jim, Roger, and Emerson, mentioning that no man is an island. 

Her business model canvas in KMME Program is Mushroom Farming that earned a lot of applause. It even landed her a stint in Eat Bulaga's Bawal Judgemental to promote mushroom farming to alleviate environmental heat emission addressing climate change. 

Sticking to her mission and vision of mushroom farming to "Create great, healthy, delicious food to foster good nutrition for everybody; educate and inspire people the beauty and signify of agriculture, accelerating job opportunities through Paddy Straw Mushroom Farming and food processing to empower rural communities ( Women, Youth, Senior Citizen, PWDs, and Farmers alike) and engage in climate action embracing zero-waste. Be the leading business globally to address the necessity of success together hand-in-hand." 

Her piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs, "Always have a positive mindset, keep a smile in good and bad days, never stop. Don't give up and always have the heart in helping people. Create a solution to a problem, because every problem is an opportunity towards success. Think positive and most of all, stay humble and God-dependent." 

You can reach her through the Healthy Nuts Facebook page. 

Let's connect on Twitter and share photos on Instagram. Contact me on Facebook to know more about my stories. Godspeed.

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