Chef Nurse Catering by Wen

Red Pesto Baked Bangus and Green Pesto Baked Chicken are must-try. 

Intrigue with the taste of pesto on fish, I asked for delivery. I am into the chicken so I ordered it too. After we ate, I gave my feedback and asked her story. 

"In 2012, the owner of ChefNurse Catering, a Registered Nurse (but not practicing nurse and a frustrated Chef) was confronted with numerous challenges. Her husband is critically ill, the rising hospital bill, and the expenses for her son’s education and day to day living. She was approached by a fellow parent in her son’s school to cater for their child’s birthday party. Originally doubting whether or not to accept the offer, she decided to accept the invitation and served food for 100 people for the first time. It was this decision that brought up ChefNurse to be established, a single parent's strive to sustain her family, to offer healthy and delicious food, and to fulfill her long begotten dream of becoming a Chef. The product line of “Baked Bangus” was made by ChefNurse’s insistence on feeding her picky son fish. Knowing her son, who loved pesto and cheese, she included these two ingredients to boneless milkfish to make the meal more appealing to him. The product became a huge hit. It once being improved and added with numerous other herbs and ingredients. It became a critically acclaimed product by the Department of Trade and Industry." Were her exact words.

Then, about the food, it arrived in time before I fetched my husband from the shop. He handed me a package that smells delicious. I needed to bring down the window of the car as I can't wait to taste it. 

I love the presentation of both bangus and chicken. The accent of green leaf on a window type box is tempting. The taste? The chicken is well flavored so does the bangus. You can taste the blend of herbs and spices without overpowering one flavor from another. 

I am not into cooking but I know how does good food tastes. These two dish deserve five stars from the presentation to taste. The texture is as expected. They were neither too cook nor rare. You'll get a whole chicken cut into half so does the fish.

Would you like to try any of those? Here's their Facebook page. They are in Lazada too with this link, Baked Bangus.

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