7 Must Haves for Teaching Online

Gadgets and tools for teaching online:

  1. laptop/desktop
  2. headphones
  3. microphone
  4. webcam
  5. strong internet signal
  6. quiet room
  7. Others: I'd say that you need a tool that will remind you of why you are teaching. A gadget that will recall your goal and vision. This can be a photo on a frame of a great memory or that reusable cup of coffee dearest to you.Teaching takes a lot of dedication. It will eat up your courage, and sometimes, a bit frustrating. It is a big responsibility with greater achievement.

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Are you going to teach this August? Are you thinking to shift to teaching? I heard that some companies pay well their teachers.

As we move on to the new norm and that almost everyone will adapt to online learning, you need to gear up. Depending on your budget, there are a lot of choices out there that you may consider. It may take some time to research and check on reviews. To ease up on that tedious scanning of sites, here are suggestions that you may consider.

Laptop/desktop - you want something fast, faster than your android phone. As a technician told me, the Asus brand for laptop is a better choice. It is durable and will last long. The price is reasonable considering the reviews and feedbacks. 

Desktop or Laptop? If you see yourself traveling in the future and teach at the same time, choose a laptop otherwise go for a desktop.

For your microphone and headphones, consider gaming headphones. They are less expensive than the "call center" headsets. New laptops have one port of both mic and earphones. Make sure that your headset is compatible with your laptop's ports. The same goes for the desktop.

Laptops have a built-in webcam. Opted to a desktop, you may buy one or use your android phone as a webcam. I tried it before. It ain't advisable, but for starters, you can use it. Buy a separate cam once you have settled in. 

As we hear all over the news, teaching will be a huge challenge because of the internet signal. They will find a way to fix that. They will eventually supply us with a reliable internet connection. In the meantime, you may choose a broadband or wired connection. Depending on your location, the three players offer a fine solution. Globe and PLDT offer a way to see if a line subscription is possible in your area. 

A quiet room is as important as any other tool that you will need, place with less destruction and ambient feel.

Another thing that you may need is your reminder to go on. Place something that will motivate you to be at your best in teaching.

How much do you need for all these tools to start teaching online? Let's break it down.

Laptop: PHP 14995.00 (traditional laptop) 
Headset: PHP   466.00
Webcam: (Laptops have a built-in webcam)
Internet Plan: PHP 1699.00 (assuming that Globe at Home is available in your area)

The total initial investment to #teachonline is PHP 17,160.00

How long will you be able to have your return on investment? Let's say you will be earning 100.00 an hour. Take note that different online teaching companies offer different rates.

That's PHP 17,160 / 100 per hour = 171.60 total number of hours you need to earn the total amount. Let's assume you will be working 5 hours a day and 5 days a week. 

171.60/5 hrs=34.32 days/5 days=6.864 or a total of 7 weeks. These are all estimates though. 

Happy shopping and teaching! Don't forget to buy your gadget and tools here - Online Teaching Tools