Where to Stay in Tablas Island

Here are three wonderful resorts in Tablas Island. I chose these three because of their location, response to an inquiry, and rate. 

Nearest to either the Tugdan airport or Odiongan pier is the Escape Eco Beach Resort. The resort is located in Ferrol on the Binucot Cove with a stunning view of the sunset. They have these A-type cottages that can accommodate two people for the cost of 1000 pesos a night for walk-ins. I love the coconut trees that surround the resort and the well kept green grass. 

Approximately more than an hour's drive from the airport is Cabalian Beach Resort in Agmanic, Sta. Fe. Their bungalows can be rented for 1500 pesos a night with own toilet and bath. A day tour can cost you 50 pesos, and they offer island hoping should you want to see Carabao Island. I love the vast beachfront. 

The farthest resort among the three from Tugdan is Footprints Beach Resort. It is located on the sandy shore of Agpudlos, San Andres. They have accommodations for all preferences. Do you want your own bungalow with sunset? They have these great cottages before the beach for 3000 a night for two. 

On a budget? They have the fan room with its own toilet and bath with garden view and partial ocean view. Simply need a place to stay but wants privacy? They have these small cottages at the back of the restaurant. They are good for two with a fan. The toilet and bathroom are shared with their dormitory accommodations. 

Going to these wonderful places in Tablas Island may be tricky if you will take public transportation. You need to take note of the trip schedule, and most of the time need to wait for fellow passengers. Contact Nonoy should you want a ride around Tablas Island. 

Cebu Pacific flies from Manila to Tugdan Airport in Tablas three times a week with the airport code TBH. They fly Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The inbound flight to Tugdan Airport is around one in the afternoon, while the return flight to Manila leaves around three. The fare range depends on the season, time of purchase, and travel date. It usually costs around 2000 and up for regular fare and as low as 800 for seat sales. 

The mode of transportations is a motorcycle, tricycle, and vans from the airport to your destinations. Some resorts can arrange to pick you up at the airport with a fee. Contact Nonoy for motorcycle transport.

An alternative way to reach the island is through ferry. You need to go to Batangas pier to buy tickets if you want the Montenegro Lines. Fare is around 876 pesos per passenger. That is their regular unairconditioned double-deckers. The accommodation on the airconditioned level is 984 pesos. Please note that fare may change, and you have to check it with the shipping lines or can Googled. Montenegro Lines regularly sail to Odiongan Port seven days a week that leaves at 5 in the afternoon. This ferry arrives at Odiongan Pier between 2 AM to 4 AM. Be sure to be early on the port as the bed assignment is a first-come, first-served basis, so does the public transport in Odiongan upon arrival. You can ride the bus from Cubao or Buendia. 

2GO Travel also leaves Batangas bound to Odionan, but around 10 in the morning. The estimated arrival is 5:30 PM. Take note that the schedules are subject to change. They have four types of accommodation for this route. The fare ranges from 985 to 1579 pesos per way. They have super value class, tourist class, cabin for 6, and a cabin for 4. 

The last option that I know is through the roll on roll off route. It is a combination of sea and land travel. You need to take any ferry from Batangas to Calapan then ride a Van to Dangay Port in Roxas, Oriental Mindoro. From Roxas, a Starlite Ferry will take you to Odiongan Port in Tablas Island. It leaves Roxas at 5 in the afternoon. The estimated total fare is 800 pesos a person. This Batangas to Roxas to Odiongan route is the cheapest for those who travel by car. The total estimate for a pickup truck is around 4160 pesos for the ferry rates, with a free driver's fare. 

A view along the road trip from Calapan to Roxas 

Flowers at Dagay Port while waiting for our departure 

View of Dangay Port from the ferry before departure 

When you reach Odiongan, there is a lot of public transportation available. You can choose from a motorcycle, van, and jeepneys to reach your accommodation on the island. 

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