Tablas Island

Our adventure in Tablas island happens at least every summer or every other year. It is where I was born, so does my elder sisters. My mother owns a portion of land, so she built a vacation house along the circumferential road in Alcantara. It was until 2017 that I decided not to sit out of the emerging destinations in the island. 

In that year, we spend an overnight in Binucot Beach. There were a lot of resorts now that you can check online. We stayed in Binucot Beach Resort, which was a sort of time-sharing accommodation. We had two units. Then we went to the Looc Fish Sanctuary in a garong. A motorcycle with a sidecar of which is made up of tubes with wheels. Our last adventure was the commute from Alcantara to Santa Maria, then going to Odiongan, passing through again the house. From Odiongan, we headed to our final destination, which is the Footprints Beach resort in Agpudlos, San Andres. We spent an overnight into two rooms with just the staff on stand by. There were few tourists that we have the resort for ourselves. 

Footprints Resort in 2017 

Then in 2019, my parents brought the ranger from Bulacan to Romblon that we decided to tag along. I hit the road. My sons and I went to Tablas Point, which I never expected to be that far, or maybe because we got lost. They had a quick swim. Quick because it was just an hour or two on the beach. It was almost sundown that with the state of the road reaching the place, it is not advisable to leave at night. Then we did the Calatrava Island Hoping in one day with six others. It was also the first time that I got a flat tire. 

A portion of Tablas Point with rocks 

The clear water of Santa Fe beach 

On our last day on the island, we went back to Footprints Resort to have a snack and let time pass as we wait for the 9 pm trip of RORO. My youngest can't resist the sea. He went in for a swim in its shallow waters. 

Planning to roam around Tablas Island? Contact my friend Nonoy by calling at +639062450700 so you can secure your transport going to the resort or start exploring the island. This way, you wouldn't have to look or haggle upon reaching Odiongan Pier or Tugdan Airport. 

In Tugdan Airport, you can choose between renting a motorcycle and taking a van to reach your destination. The motorcycle rate is 700 pesos bound to Ferrol. This fare is good for up to three passengers. Traveling alone may cost you the same. Share it with a friend or soon to befriend. The airport to Agpudlos is up to 1500 pesos while going to Sta. Fe will cost you something in between. As for the van, the fare is 500 per passenger to reach Agpudlos. 

For travelers like me that want to save cash and takes the ferry, we need to be the first on the exit of the ship once it docks. If you are bound within Odiongan, you may take the tricycle, but if you are going beyond this municipality, you have to take the jeepneys, or as mentioned, hire my friend Nonoy. Call him at +639062450700.

Here is the usual scenario for taking the ferry. Say, the ship will arrive at 3 in the morning. All the local passengers will go straight to the exits as early as one hour before the ship docks. Alleyways will be clogged by baggage and people. Upon docking, they will all burst into the jeepney. The first passengers in it will get the best seats. Though they will be squeezed during the travel, they still have the most comfortable seats. There is a center wooden bench for kids, ladies, and older women who cannot sit on the roof. Yes, the roof. It is where baggage is put and where most of the men sit during the trip. Another point to consider is that PUJ has a particular drop off point. You still need to take the tricycle or motorcycle when you reach the unloading area of the municipality that you are bound to. As for the fare, it ranges from 35 to 75 per person, depending on your destination. You also need to take note of their scheduled trips.

Why I love to have my own transport? I can request where to pass through. If you decided to hire my friend, tell him that you want to go to Sta. Fe passing through Commod-Om to see these views.

Tablas Island has a lot to offer. You have to visit it.

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