Astoria Palawan

Resort in Palawan? Choose Astoria. 

This was the first time that I spend three nights in a room that costs 5000 a night. I love their accommodation. It was big enough for six-person staying all together, at the same time. I love orange too, but it would have been better if we stayed in a yellow room. I was impressed with the flooring of the room. It was simple, yet it gives the room sophistication. 

Their pathways are full of citronella plants that they trim every day to get rid of mosquitoes, effectively. 

Room's Amenities 

The resort has two pools. The Pod Infinity pool, which is located in their common area and is connected to the restaurant. While having their buffet breakfast, you'll have a glimpse of what lies ahead. As for the beach, during our time of stay, it is under maintenance. I can smell the gasoline from the backhoe as it scatters the sand. 

The other one is their Premiere Infinity Pool, which is on the other side of the resort. This is where their leisure club members stay. It is bigger than the one Pod pool. It is also near the beach.

Premiere Infinity Pool 

If you want to spend an event here, they have this Halo Dome that can sit 32 inside. Then they have kayaks and paddleboards. Their outdoor has a treehouse with a slide, a playground for the active youngsters. They also have a putting green, which my niece and youngest son tried. They also have mountain bikes that you can use to go around the resort for an hour. I have to say that my kids enjoy the place so much because of their game room, which also has table tennis and a billiard during our visit in January 2019. The game room has a hockey table. They also have a videoke room for music lovers. 

The facade of the Halo Dome from the beach 

The Kayak and Paddle Boat Station near the Beach 

Our way to the Premiere Infinity Pool 

Once you stayed in the resort, you will be entitled to a one day pass to the Palawan Waterpark. I never was a fan of a water park, but after trying this one, I am thinking otherwise. 

The restaurant at the waterpark

Based on Google Map, the distance of Puerto Princesa Airport to Astoria Palawan is 64 kilometers and an hour and 21 minutes drive. It takes more than that if you will be commuting. We took the public bus that passes by. We spent almost two hours to get to the city proper. There are road construction causing delays. 

We came from El Nido, of which is a two to three-hour commute through vans. 

Finally, I would say that for someone like us that earns an estimate of 20,000 a month, I can not stay here. But for someone who can afford to pay that amount for two adults and two kids aged 12 and below to stay a night, I highly recommend the place. Your kids will enjoy their amenities and facilities. They have an Xbox. 

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