Why We Should Travel?

How can we travel for free? Was the whole trip gave my husband's hard-earned money its worth? 

I always end it unanswered and start planning again every after our expeditions. 

Let's see if I can answer it this time. 

I believe that there are always two sides to a story. For the sake of conversation, I will say that it is worth it. The travel at my stage is valid, but for the argument's sake, it is not. 

You see, my kids are 11 and 12, we need to spend more on fares, room accommodations, and foods. As I see it, the only benefit that they get from it is the confidence to tell their school mates about where they went. Another interpretation that I have is that they see us as able families. That we can afford to go to places and stay in a fancy hotel and such, which I don't believe to be a positive note. Little did they know that we really saved for it and worked hard for those travels. Here is the irony of it. During the trip, they look exhausted. They never seemed to enjoy every bit of it. Nonetheless, you will hear how happy they are having gone to those places through school essays and projects. 

Now, these adventures are not for them. They are mine and for my husband, who loves the unpredictability of the weather, commute, and backpacking. We both love to see places, beaches, and views. I simply don't want to leave my kids behind, yet every trip means more to them than us. 

Travel is significant if you really want it despite all the negative and positive factors that constitute it. It is pointless if you are doing them for others. I may be right or wrong, but you can not deny the fact that when you want something, you'll move mountains to have it. 

The view from our room in Astoria Plaza in 2018. 

An unforgettable Spanish Church in Bato

The next question is how can we travel for free? There are ways. I was about to try it but the pandemic hit the world. We were all set then. I am back to saving and traveling. 

My 100 days of Summer was set after the holy week. In October last year, we were blessed to buy our car. When the rest of my family are planning for a road trip to Tablas Island then to Boracay, I was excited to drive from Marilao in Bulacan to Legazpi City in Albay, where my in-laws live. Then, I started checking Google Maps for hotels and resorts in the province of Sorsogon for a night of stay or two. I started plotting the itinerary. We are bound to leave on April 8. But we stayed at home.

At the onset of the enhanced community quarantine, I had headaches. I keep on thinking about what will become of us with this situation. I decided to divert my attention and started planning to travel from Marilao, Bulacan going around the Philippines. The last destination on my itinerary is Palawan where I can no longer travel with my 1996 Honda Accord.

I had so much fun doing research. Among the facts that I looked for are where to stay, travel time from one province to another, and how many days should I stay to enjoy the place. The most challenging to look for on the internet is the schedule of ferries that cross one island to another.

When I was about to end the whole itinerary, I realized that I needed to modify the full plan to meet 100 days of travel. Then I also realized that I missed most areas of Mindanao. I needed to pass by Batanes Island too. I guess I won't be able to bring my car to the island.

To keep the vibes going on while driving, Loaded Vibes is worth to check. Their site is worth checking for techno music. 

It must have been fun to start traveling right now, as it is summertime. I would love to feel the wind while on a long drive from Pangasinan to Zambales. It would have been great to meet new friends, see new views, and sleep on different beds.

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Claire Claire said…
Usually, our whole family travel only during the Christmas break as my husband is from Cebu. Every year, my children look up to that annual adventure. Tama po, let us build memories with our family.
Ang ganda ng kuha ng photos and the layout. Congratulations po
Ofleia said…
Thank you so much po for appreciating my hard work.
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