One Azul Boracay

One Azul Boracay is just a minute away from the shores of Station 1. 

After a lot of research through Expedia MY - Packages for hotels and packages. Google map for the exact location of hotels and resorts in Boracay, I ended up choosing One Azul Boracay. Having used to DIY travel I opted for the least cost of reaching the hotel. Even though I have two kids in tow, a backpack on my hubby's back, we took public transport. I made sure that each stop is strategic. From the port, We had lunch in Jasper's as recommended by our tricycle driver. 

The pump boat from Caticlan Jetty Port to Cagban Port in Boracay 

Since it was still early for the standard check-in time, I decided to walk from D'Mall to One Azul Boracay, without any idea of its exact location. After 20 minutes with several stops and convincing my youngest that we are almost there, we reach the site. The walk was the least likable because the sun was at its height, but the sand is remarkable. Later I learned that to have a shorter walk to the hotel from the road to have them go through the beach path access near Seawind Resort. 

The family room is on the fourth floor. I never felt tired of getting into the stairs, which was a surprise. The white and blue interior of the room amazed me. Space exceeded my expectations, so does the size of the bathroom. The view of the sea is as beautiful as the feel of the room. 

View at night from our room 

For someone who wants solitude, the location of the hotel was perfect. Having rested and without the sun's heat, we walked back to the D'Mall for dinner. There is a lot of tourist on that part of Boracay. I was thankful that I made the right choice, although I was adamant about it. Aside from being almost beachfront, the place offers an escape to see other people. 

View at daytime from our window 

The best part of this decision is the bed, with four pillows and two throw pillows on each bed. We had one of the best sleep in a hotel room. 

As the cliche goes, I highly recommend One Azul Boracay for giving good value for money. 

Boracay in December

I decided to go back to Boracay Island after two decades. This time I went there with my husband and sons. Jakobo is 11, while Sebastian is 12. It took me months of research to finalize the direction going to the resort, yet at the last minute, there were a lot of changes.

From the airport in Caticlan, we needed to ride a tricycle, which contrary to what I expected and researched. We were supposed to walk from the airport to the jetty port, yet we needed to take two. We had separate tricycles because they did not allow us to be in one. Three passengers per tricycle were their rule. In our case that we were four, we need to split.

There were offers of transfers, but since I love adventure, I stuck to my plan.

The direction is a critical part of any journey. It can make or break your adventure, but often it leads to a wonderful discovery.

Being delayed for almost an hour, we were starving at 10 am. When we reach Cagban Port on the island of Boracay, I immediately asked the driver where we can eat. I was glad that they let us be in one tricycle. It was still 15 to 20 minutes ride to the D' Mall, though. 

After that early lunch, we started our journey to our hotel from the populated part of Station 1. We set foot to the white sand of Boracay in December. Checking Google Maps now and then, and I still missed important details about navigations. A reference point for the hotel would have been a help. I was captivated by the beauty of the beach. I forgot that I have my youngest with me that wants to reach the room immediately. Or who does not want to walk far? 

An almost precise direction would have been helpful. Miscalculation of distance may ruin the day. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every first moment with the sand of Boracay Island. 

I advise you to take at least two nights in this part of the world. It will be worth it.

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