Info Age Travel and Tours, Why Book on Travel Agency

Why book on the travel agency? 

Figuring out as we go is my typical adventure plan. I love taking the challenge and enjoy every single thing about planning a trip. One day, I met the owner of Info Age Travel and Tours. Her name is Ruby San Andres. Someone challenged her of how to be successful, where almost everyone has access to the internet to book online. There was even a suggestion to change course and be into retail. But she stuck to what she been doing since 2003, giving services. Curiosity got my attention to why this industry still exists and thrives. So I did some research and comparison. 

Ruby is the lady on my left, the second on the right. 

Planning your trip can be cheap. Aside from the discounted airfare and accommodation that you check online, you get to choose your destinations for tours. Unfortunately, it is often tiresome. Spending hours and days looking for the best deal may take a toll. Then, comes the day of the trip, there is less excitement since you have an idea of what and where to go. Since you plan the trip, there is a tendency that you won't have fun because you are looking after the details and enjoyment of each traveler. 

I always wanted first-hand information about the place that we are going to. Sadly, no one ever bothered to give me that. It is one of the travel agent's advantage to have the information which they are willing to share. Most importantly, they handle all the stress of setting up the itinerary, canceled flights, and messed up accommodation booking. You don't have to go through customer service when something goes wrong. They are reliable. They take charge and takes care of you. 

I am then convinced that having thorough, dedicated, and involved travel agents like Info Age Travel and Tours is essential to travelers who want to have fun, relax and enjoy from arranging to the execution of their adventure. You'll have all you need from the accommodation to the value for money will be covered. Travel and tour operators are easy to deal with. 

On June 1, 2020, the Philippines shifted to the general community quarantine (GCQ). In an eye of a traveler, the difference between modified GCQ and the GCQ is the checkpoints between borders. Unfortunately, tour operators and travel agencies are not allowed yet to operate. Most of the establishments are open, not them. I asked Ma'am Ruby, how are they. Hanging by the thread. I told her that people will love to travel once tourism opens its doors. She answered, "do people will have buying power after the quarantine?" 

I dropped the issue and told her to be safe. I thought, maybe, it is possible to travel through these industries by confirmed reservations only. It will be like no reservations, no travel. That way, they can also start their new normal.

I really wish that we all bounce back from this pandemic stronger than we are. 

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