Facilities Up Close

What is the difference between facilities and amenities? 

Facilities are the gyms, game rooms, service centers, restaurants, and other additional buildings or equipment that give guests their particular needs. Meanwhile, amenities are the minibars, hairdryers, microwave ovens, and other things that provide comfort to guests. 

The accommodation will include amenities while we will assess the facilities accordingly. Moreover, we will add a swimming pool for facilities as not all resorts have one. 

So, how do facilities affect our vacation? What are the things that you want to spend your money with while on vacation? Let's look at them. 

For a family of four that are not swimmers, a swimming pool is an addition to a resort. Pools should be the size that will compensate the number of guests of the site. It should not be slippery. The swimming pool must be clean at all definitions. 

This rate was in January 2019 

Spa, gyms, service centers, and game rooms add monetary value that affects our budget. Not every traveler goes to the gym, nor the spa, but hotels with these facilities usually are the three to five-star hotels and resorts. For a simple tourist, these are the least factors to look for in a hotel. Conversely, these are the important ones for a businessman, and athletes would love a gym. Then we have the kids that will enjoy the game room. 

Other additional facilities do affect our vacation as well, but before we book, we should always be particular on what we exactly need. One facility to another will affect our reservation, budget, and the totality of vacation. 

On top of all the amenities and facilities is the certification that it has been sanitized according to industry standard. 

How about choosing your room? How do you choose the right hotel or resort? There is no right or wrong answer, just best practices. Or so they say.

We unintentionally choose based on the following criteria, which you may agree or disagree with.

1. Location.

2. Budget.

3. Ratings and reviews.

The location includes the attractions near the site and the transportation going in and about. Is it in the city where most restaurants and night attractions are? Is it in a secluded area where you will have the place all by yourself, most of the time? Is transportation convenient going there? Or will you need a private car to reach the resort? Will it be a beachfront or almost near the beach? Will you enjoy the sunset or rise up early for sunrise?

For some time, I would book rooms based on the promptness of answering my queries, reviews, and most importantly, photos. I am now looking for a hotel or resort that is recently renovated or built. Rooms with their own toilet and bathroom is also a must. That is one thing that I don’t want to compromise. I don’t like to wait for someone nor to be waited for. 

Then comes the budget. Is it a low, mid or high-end resort or hotel? Will the resort have a pool or not? Importantly, how will it affect your budget for that trip? Will the budget be more for the room or food? The room rate is very crucial as it defines what kind of sleep and comfort you will have.

Now, comes the most humane criteria-ratings and reviews. They are somehow reliable indications of a better resort. It helps to decide which room to rent and which resort to go to. Although it is a subjective description based on a particular experience, it simply affects the decision.

Deciding what resort is best for your vacation takes more than a checklist. It also involves the heart. Most of the time, you just have to feel right, to make that reservation. 

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