Caramoan Island Hoping

Going to Caramoan, Camarines Sur from Catanduanes? It is possible with a tight budget. There is a route from the island of smiles to the municipality of Caramoan through a public boat.

Stumbling upon the page of Princess Jmalen of Caramoan Boat Rental was with thorough research about Caramoan Island Hopping. There are a lot of pages that offer Caramoan Tours. It just has to feel right.

Taking public transport is the cheapest way to reach Caramoan, which is an hour to two from Cabcab port in Catanduanes. A tricycle will be needed to bring you to the resorts and hotels.

Sir Alan was very accommodating in directing the cheapest way of reaching the island. It was according to him that I learned about this route.

As Catanduanes is the primary destination, the time spent in Caramoan is limited. We took the short trip of the Island Hopping tour that consists of five islands.

1. Lahos Island

2. Matukad Island

3. Tinago Beach

4. Cabalinad Island

5. Tayak Island

Lahos means through. The island's beach is between two rock formation that goes through the other side. There are fishes near the shore. A good snorkeling spot for non-swimmers.

Matukad Island gives a long coast of beach line, with fine white sand comparable to that of Boracay's. 

Tinago beach means a hidden beach. The water is shallow here, perfect for kids to swim. 

We missed one Tayak cove because there is a lot of tourists in it. We decided to pass. Before heading to the last destination, our boatman stopped between Honongan Cove and Cagbalinad Island. We had a quick snorkeling escapade. It was one adventure to try.

Cagbalinad Island has a lot of sea plant that is great for snorkeling. 

Each island has a volunteer that guards the site for tourists who may not comply with their rules. The whole tour is approximately six hours in total. Make sure to bring enough water and food. If you worry about jellyfish, Sir Allan knows exactly what to do. Survivor Fans vs Favorites was filmed here in 2012. According to Sir Allan, the staff of the show taught them how to apply first aid for the sting of jellyfish.

It was a great experience. It was the kind of place that you will consider to go back to. We would love to spend an overnight on one of the islands but our reservation with other resorts will have a conflict. We stayed on the itinerary. 

The old church of Caramoan should not be missed as well. One of the great structures in the Bikol region made of bricks. Fascinating as it was that a kid knows how old their church is. It was around 300 years old. The interior was all bricks and the design stuck to its original style.

We stayed in Istaran sa Sirangan for the night before heading back to the island of smiles. This is one of the oldest hotels in the area. Our room has a large toilet and bath. They also know what travelers need by placing hooks and bars for wet clothes. The cabinet with rack is also a good add on for the accommodation.

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