Women in Business

As we end the 2020 Women's month, let me share inspirational words from the Go Negosyo Women 2020 Entrepreneurship Summit on March 3, 2020.

I arrived two hours early at the venue to save time from traffic and commute. I shared the ride with my brother, who works in Pasay City.

The program started at 9 am with a welcome speech from Go Negosyo Founder and Presidential Adviser to Entrepreneurship, Joey Concepcion.

There were six topics, namely Women of Impact, Legacy, Substance and Style, Earth, World, and Women of the Future. Prominent businesswomen were present to share their thoughts. Some of these marks my notepad. Here are the words.

Have a big vision. A Woman of Impact said that we must have a vision for ourselves beyond what we think. It should be global.

What I love about the Women of Legacy is when a speaker said that "before you are a mother and a wife, you are a woman."

While a Woman of Substance and Style said that we should invest in real estate, another one said…

The KMME Adventure, Day 1

I met a lot of wonderful people in 2019. It was a year of blessings.

It started when I attended a free seminar in Valenzuela City hosted by the Department of Trade and Industry. At the end of the session, a beautiful lady came in front. "We are looking for KMME participants," she said. She then explained the program detailed as she can be. As far as I can remember, she mentioned that it is equivalent to a Master's in Business Administration.

My schedule is flexible as I am not required to report every day in the shop, so I decided to sign up and applied. After a month, I received a call while traveling to Romblon. There will be an interview about the application. It was when I first met Ms. Dahl and Ms. Olive. I was early because I was excited to embark on something new. After that day, I did not expect much.

On June 24, 2019, I received an email of acceptance to the KMME Program-North. Then on July 10, I arrived at the venue, greeted by a man wearing a white shirt, at w…

The First Three Days

I started panicking when they started canceling classes. I bought a week worth of supplies, foods, and toiletries. Then, a mention of lockdown for Metro Manila. I bought additional provisions for at least three weeks. 
March 15th is the commencement of the lockdown, and there was a wedding to attend to on the 14th. A wedding planned in two years. 

It was Saturday. The usual traffic is brutal, but not this day. I felt agitated. I didn't know if I will be happy or be worried. We reach our destination just in time. We left Tagaytay around 8 PM to at least cross the Manila border by midnight. 

Though I love the adrenalin of beating something, I am wondering what would happen if we did not cross the border by midnight. 
Came Sunday, we were still tired, but I have to do some fieldwork, so we leave for Pampanga. There were fewer cars on the road. It seemed like driving during a Good Friday. We pass through an old church, but the gate was close. We end the day looking forward to a better Mon…

Where to Stay in Tablas Island

There are a lot of choices for accommodations in Tablas Island.
I chose these three because of their location, response to an inquiry, and rate.

Nearest to either the Tugdan airport or Odiongan pier is the Escape Eco Resort. The resort is located in Ferrol on the Binucot Cove with a stunning view of the sunset. They have these A-type cottages that can accommodate two people for the cost of 1000 pesos a night for walk-ins. Check this link for their complete room rate posted in April 2019. You can book in advance online through their Facebook page or on a booking app. I love the coconut trees that surround the resort and the well kept green grass.

Approximately more than an hour's drive from the airport is Cabalian Point Beach Resort in Agmanic, Sta. Fe. Their bungalows can be rented for 1500 pesos a night with own toilet and bath. A day tour can cost you 50 pesos, and they offer island hoping should you want to see Carabao Island. I love the vast beachfront. 

The farthest resort amo…

Going Around Tablas Island

Planning to roam around Tablas Island? Contact my friend Nonoy so you can secure your transport going to the resort or start exploring the island. This way, you wouldn't have to look or haggle upon reaching Odiongan Pier or Tugdan Airport. 
In Tugdan Airport, you can choose between renting a motorcycle and taking a van to reach your destination. The motorcycle rate is 700 pesos bound to Ferrol. This fare is good for up to three passengers. Traveling alone may cost you the same. Share it with a friend or soon to befriend. The airport to Agpudlos is up to 1500 pesos while going to Sta. Fe will cost you something in between. As for the van, the fare is 500 per passenger to reach Agpudlos. 

For travelers like me that want to save cash and takes the ferry, we need to be the first on the exit of the ship once it docks. If you are bound within Odiongan, you may take the tricycle, but if you are going beyond this municipality, you have to take the jeepneys, or as mentioned, hire my friend N…

How to Reach Tablas Island from Manila

Cebu Pacific flies from Manila to Tugdan Airport in Tablas three times a week with the airport code TBH. They fly Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The inbound flight to Tugdan Airport is around one in the afternoon, while the return flight to Manila leaves around three. The fare range depends on the season, time of purchase, and travel date. It usually costs around 2000 and up for regular fare and as low as 800 for seat sales. 
The mode of transportations is a motorcycle, tricycle, and vans from the airport to your destinations. Some resorts can arrange to pick you up at the airport with a fee. Contact Nonoy for motorcycle transport.
An alternative way to reach the island is through ferry. You need to go to Batangas pier to buy tickets if you want the Montenegro Lines. Fare is around 876 pesos per passenger. That is their regular unairconditioned double-deckers. The accommodation on the airconditioned level is 984 pesos. Please note that fare may change, and you have to check it with t…

My Adventures in Tablas Island

We’ve been to Tablas Island for four decades at least every summer or every other year. It is where I was born, so does my elder sisters. My mother owns a portion of land, so she built a vacation house along the circumferential road in Alcantara. It was until 2017 that I decided not to sit out of the emerging destinations in the island.

In that year, we spend an overnight in Binucot Beach. There were a lot of resorts now that you can check online. We stayed in Binucot Beach Resort, which was a sort of time-sharing accommodation. We had two units. Then we went to the Looc Fish Sanctuary in a garong. A motorcycle with a sidecar of which is made up of tubes with wheels. Our last adventure was the commute from Alcantara to Santa Maria, then going to Odiongan, passing through again the house. From Odiongan, we headed to our final destination, which is the Footprints Beach resort in Agpudlos, San Andres. We spent an overnight into two rooms with just the staff on stand by. There were few to…

Astoria Palawan

This was the first time that I spend three nights in a room that costs 5000 a night. I love their accommodation. It was big enough for six-person staying all together, at the same time. I love orange too, but it would have been better if we stayed in a yellow room. I was impressed with the flooring of the room. It was simple, yet it gives the room sophistication.

Their pathways are full of citronella plants that they trim every day to get rid of mosquitos, which were effective.

View from the inside

Queen Sized Beds

Room's Amenities

The resort has two pools. The Pod Infinity pool, which is located in their common area and is connected to the restaurant. While having their buffet breakfast, you'll have a glimpse of what lies ahead. Unfortunately, during our time of stay, their beach is under maintenance. I can smell the gasoline from the backhoe as it scatters the sand.

The other one is their Premiere Infinity Pool, which is on the other side of the resort.

Premiere Infinity Po…